Johannesburg, 28 August 2002

ISEO, the International Sustainable Energy Organization, in formation, received renewed support at its special session at the IUCN-WWF Environment Centre on the third day of the World Summit for Sustainable Development.

Executive Secretary, Gustav R. Grob, outlined the ISEO website, facilitating world-wide participation, information exchange and financing mechanisms for renewable energy and solutions to improve energy efficiency. The 2 % annual energy increase for development and population growth can only be accomplished, if the renewable energy production will increase by at least 5 % per year in view of the rapidly depleting mineral energy resources and the Kyoto Protocol obligations.

Chairman José Goldemberg, Brazil, host of the Rio Summit ten years ago, re-iterated his initiative on behalf of Latin America to set a minimum world-wide average target of 10 %, new renewable energy supply, having accomplished already 40 % total renewable energy share in Brazil. He decided to join ISEO, which is planning its first Preparatory Commission plenary session in Geneva in late September 2002.

Robert Farmer, Florida, USA, presented the Global Energy Charter for Sustainable Development in its updated version and called for international support of ISEO in liaison with other national and international organizations.

Josep Puig, Catalonia, explained his successful solar energy law initiative, which resulted in several thousand square meters of installed solar collectors on the roofs of Barcelona, a perfect example which should be adapted by all cities to conserve huge quantities of oil and gas and save a lot of money - a typical task for ISEO.

Pincas Jawetz, New York and Vienna, introduced the Promptbook for Sustainable Development, prepared by CURE for the Johannesburg Summit, which is dealing with the colossal task of the Global Commons - the seas, atmosphere, space and Arctica - which have to be protected by from fossil pollution by ISEO's action plan for a rapid transition to the Clean, Sustainable Energy Age.

In the discussion, the Minister of Environment of Panama, was calling for assistance to develop the abundantly available renewable energies in his country, to become less dependent on expensive energy imports and the Minister of Environment of Tanzania agreed with his colleague from Central America and also expressed interest to cooperate with ISEO to develop the national renewable energy resources.

The "Blueprint for the Clean, Sustainable Energy Age", prepared by the sustainable energy task force of the World Sustainable Energy Coalition for Johannesburg, was well received by the participants and other WSSD delegates - see